Rafał Mianowicz



Born in 1992. 21st place at the Polish Championship of Software Testing 2016 (member of "ITSG Taem" team).

His nickname's "Cookie"
In 2008 he graduated from the Karol Wojtyła Gymansium in Kobyłka. In the same year he started Henryk Sienkiewicz High School in Warsaw, where he graduated in 2011. After graduating from High School he was ready to start a college...
Shortly after the final exams in 2011 (exactly 3 days after) began work as a Software Tester. At age 6 he started playing the drums. Currently, he is a drummer of MORON and CF98 bands.

Offically, smartly, nobly.

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Warsaw, Poland


Since 2010, he tests software. Performs manual tests, exploratory and regression. He also has solid knowledge of test automation.

Over the four years of work in LUXMED Group he performed technical tests of different applications - in both the web and desktop. He wrote automation scripts for one of the largest LUXMED web portal. He held the position of leader of the tests in his team for 1,5 years.
From 2015 employed at ITSG company. Works in Warsaw, in 20+ people team.

His first pages created in 2004. Currently supporter of building sites based on the open-licensing frameworks.

Less is more
From 2008 to 2012, he was developing his site based on Joomla CMS. After he stopped the development of this project, began to build things in his favourite, minimalistic conception.
From 2012, develops page of his band using Flatsrap. Through responsive offered by Flatsrap and his web designing experience, this site works perfectly almost on every computer device!

He started video edititn in 2005. Currently, it is also one of his hobbies.

He loves Adobe Premiere Pro
Initially edited videos of the ceremonies in his gymnasium. Since 2008, he makes several "drum cover" videos yearly. In 2010 he wrote a script, filmed and edited 15 minutes video on the twentieth anniversary of his High school.
In September of 2013, he produced a music video for his band song - "Czas". In 2014 released another video of his production. Shots from Poland and Slovenia - the song "Droga" by Moron.

Since his gymnasium times, fascinated by computer graphics, which perfectly combines his passion with another - creating web pages.

True GIMP believer GIMP'a
He started from reading tutorials and creating logos in a GIMP - which is the main graphics tool for him today. Since 2008, designing covers, banners, logos for his (and not only) bands.
In 2008, when he was inspired by DTP techniques, has created a template for the school newspaper, which was used for 3 years as a main one.

Began playing drums in the twentieth century. The student of Jarosław Gaś. Currently, drummer of two bands.

He doesn't like drum blasts
In 2008 he joined the Moron band (genre: hardcore).
He loves simple and energetic drum parts. He never had his drum idol, however, he has few characters, who are considered as a role models. His equipment: Tama, Amedia, Pearl.



The basis for success is to set ourselves the target. When the target appears, simply wipe the glass to see the vision on the horizon.


The success of the group depends on the individual engagement. If it's (too) small, the target will not be achieved.


In private life and professional life communication is a main element to the effective functioning as an individualist or a small part of a group.


Automation tests - testerzy.pl:
Automation tests with Selenium, C#, NUnit

Warsaw, 2011


First Aid Course - LUXMED Group:
First aid for children, adults, pregnant women, defibrillator AED

Warsaw, 2014


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+48 516 344 633
Kobyłka, Mazovia